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What is a Pedorthist?

Sunday, Mar 18th, 2018

I have been asked many times - What exactly is a Pedorthist? Simply put, A credentialed Pedorthist is a specialist in using footwear - which includes shoes, shoe modifications, foot orthoses, and other pedorthic devices - to solve problems in, or related to, the foot and lower limb.

When a foot requires medical attention, footwear becomes a factor in the patient's treatment, recovery or rehabilitation. It's a team approach: While the doctor treats your foot, the credentialed pedorthist addresses your footwear needs.

A Welcome and Introduction

Saturday, Mar 10th, 2018
Hi and thank you all for reading the Rosendahls blog! I have been getting a few questions for a while now and I have been emailing individual responses but I would like to take the time to answer them here.. Please if anyone has questions about what we do - please email me at or just use the "ask a question" link on our website homepage and I will do my best to get to them and also I will have one of our staff answers from time to time depending on the...

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