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Foot Orthotics

The term "orthotic" for purpose of our conversation can refer to any device that is worn inside a shoe. Also called orthoses, orthosis, arch supports, insoles and probably a few more terms are out there. They can be found at retail stores, specialty shops, and custom made by several medical disciplines, including doctors of podiatry, chiropractors, pedorthists, trainers, therapists, and others.

The goal of all foot orthotics is to hold the foot in proper alignment, thereby supporting and stabilizing the body throughout the entire stride and making each step more efficient so you can run, walk or participate in sports in greater comfort and with far less chance of feet, leg, knee, hip or back injuries. Depending on anatomy many foot, ankle, knee, and leg maladies are successfully treated using custom or premade foot orthotics.

We manufacture and sell a variety of foot orthotics to alleviate common foot conditions or work with your M.D. regarding serious foot related medical conditions.

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