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An important aspect of proper shoe fit and foot comfort is socks. Most of us make do with what we have instead of giving socks the thought they deserve. Thin socks, especially nylon can cause heel slippage. Tight socks bind toes and contribute to corns and bunions while stretched out or too big socks slide, bunch and twist. So what do you do? Buy the right sock for the activity and choice of shoe being worn.

Special non-binding socks are available if you experience swelling. Gel socks are available which cushion painful feet. These work very well for padding small painful callouses. Modern fibers, like acrylic, can wick perspiration away from the foot. Cotton is a natural fiber. It's cool in hot weather, but while it is absorbent, it does not wick moisture away from the foot so socks can get soggy and ridden with bacteria. Cotton socks need changed the most often for individuals with perspiring feet. Wool socks are insulating, but breathable, and help keep feet warm in the winter and thin wool socks are cool in the summer. They also last a long time and are naturally anti-microbial so they can be washed less often if on a long camping or back packing trip.

Diabetic socks are available in many brands but all will have smooth seams so as to avoid pressure points, also diabetic socks are very forgiving with extra padding and a non-binding top.

Compression Socks

Compression stockings reduce swelling and help those with tired, achy feet, and legs. Quality compression socks are made to gently squeeze the soft tissue of the leg between the ankle and the knee. They are woven in a way that applies the most pressure around the ankle and lower leg but gradually tapers off to no constriction where they end below the knee. What's known as graduated compression compresses the soft tissue but doesn't cut into it thereby increasing circulation and decreasing any swelling. They feel great to almost anyone that is on their feet all day. If you sit at a desk all day or for while you are traveling then they should be worn also. They are available in several colors and compression ratings. Ask your doctor if compression socks are right for you. Compression socks make tired legs and feet feel less swollen and tired. Many people, both young and old, will benefit from compression therapy. Ask us which type and compression rating is available that may help.

Pads and Supports

Pads and supports of all types are available to align, pad or support almost any area of the foot and ankle. Ask us for help getting the right one for you.

Skin Care

We have the right lotions and bathing products for your skin type and foot problems. 

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