Heel Pain

Heel PainDefinition:
Heel pain is an extremely common condition in which bearing weight on the heel causes pain. This can be in the center bottom of the heel or sometimes manifests as arch pain as well. Achilles tendonitis can cause pain on the bottom and commonly the back of the heel as well.


There are many causes of heel pain but the two most common are repetitive stresses caused by obesity and overuse. The other cause is a condition called plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a wide sheet like ligament spanning the entire bottom surface of the foot. The attachment point of the plantar fascia to the heel bone can become inflamed causing pain. The classic symptom of the plantar fasciitis is start up pain first thing in the morning which decreases during the day and which can reoccur after a period of rest. The pain usually subsides during the day.

Treatment and Prevention

Repetitive stress should be addressed with shock absorbing shoes and gel heel cups or orthotics. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle will contribute to reoccurrence. Plantar fasciitis is usually helped with calf stretching exercises, properly fit foot orthotics, night-splints and supportive shoes. If the problem persists consult your foot doctor.