Arch Pain

Arch Pain Definition
Usually refers to inflammation and burning at the bottom of the foot in the arch area of the foot. This can be both feet but usually one is affected first or most, often only one foot is involved.


A multitude of factors cause arch pain. Extreme high arches or low arches of your foot, trauma, lifestyle or improper fit of shoes. The most common cause of arch pain is inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament. The plantar fascia is a thin wide fibrous ligament which is located near the bottom of the foot and between the heel bone and the forefoot. Excessive stretching and overuse of the plantar fascia results in small micro tears and inflammation. The result is pain in the heel and arch areas of the bottom of the foot. The classic symptom is pain in the morning when getting out of bed and also during the day when rising after a period of inactivity. The pain usually subsides some what during the day when active.

Treatment and Prevention

This extremely common condition responds very well to semi rigid foot orthotics, heel pads and lots of stretching of the calf/Achilles tendon. Use stable shoes which reduce pronation and offer support. Whenever the problem persists consult with your foot doctor.