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A bunion is a misalignment of the first metatarsal bone towards the center of the body with the great toe deviating outward toward the lesser toes causing a prominent "bump" on the inside of the foot. Commonly the big toe will continue to move toward the lesser toes and may over or underlap the second toe. A bunionette or tailors bunion can occur similarly behind the 5th toe as well.


Bunions are more prominent in women and are caused by heredity, improperly or tight-fitting footwear, arthritis, or poor foot biomechanics which push the big toe towards the second toe with each step.

Treatment and Prevention

Properly fitting shoes with an appropriate toe box room. When necessary stretching of shoes can add to the comfort and help with prevention. Foot orthotics to reduce pressure and improve biomechanics. Forefoot products to properly position and cushion the toes during the day and bunion night splints to help stretch the big toe are commonly worn at night. If the problem persists consult your foot doctor.


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