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A Welcome and Introduction

Saturday, Mar 10th, 2018

Hi and thank you all for reading the Rosendahls blog! I have been getting a few questions for awhile now and I have been emailing individual responses but I would like to take the time to answer them here.. Please if anyone has questions about what we do - please email me at or just use the "ask a question" link on our website homepage and I will do my best to get to them and also I will have one of our staff answer from time to time depending on the topic. We will also be posting on other interesting topics.

Rosendahls is a family owned company started by my father in 1980 when he bought a small shoe retail and repair shop from Bob Rosendahl. The business has grown thru the years and we now have eleven employees and are located on the corner of Curtis and Franklin here in Boise. Our store focus is on helping treat foot conditions like plantar fasciitis , diabetes , heel pain , heel spurs , and many more foot conditions from a conservative approach with foot orthotics , comfort shoes ,therapeutic shoes ,running shoes, shoe modifications and more.

I would like introduce them here and now! First is my Father Don , he bought the store and ran and grew the business until appx 2015 when he started to move into retirement . Don still is involved and works some days but is now enjoying more time with his wife Myrna (my mom) .Myrna did all of the store accounting for years but now has a lot of help from our amazing new bookkeeper Heidi. And then there is me. I'm Chris certified Pedorthist - Dons eldest son and manager of the retail side of the store. I see customers for all foot related problems daily. Things like foot pain, arthritis, overuse injuries and diabetic foot problems. David also a Pedorthist is my middle brother and also staffs the store daily and manages our office to keep the insurance billing we do running smoothly. Also in the store daily are Kent who is also a certified Pedorthist who has been with us for 10 years now and Billie who is part time here and a full time student at BSU . We currently have an office staff of four . Our business provides medical items for foot and ankle treatment thru prescriptions from the great medical community here in Boise. As many of these items are covered by insurance we provide assistance and billing for our patients. The five wonderful office staff members are Enid-office manager along with David , Mary our medical records specialist who is also a licensed social worker , Deanna at the front desk and Emma and Shelley in accounts receivable and payable. At our fabrication lab is Alex my youngest brother and Dylan and Matthew who fabricate the foot orthotics , arch supports and modify and repair all the footwear for whatever is needed. We do more shoe modifications than anyone in Idaho and fabricate several thousand pairs of foot orthotics every year!

With four A.B.C certified Pedorthists on site we have the solution for your foot pain and problems. Come on in!!

Helping the Feet of Idaho Since 1980

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